« Here I am, plunged 30 years back in time. I was living in Peru in a city perched at 2500m altitude.

In the evening, it was cold and I had to put on a sweater to feel comfortable. I still have the memory of this sweater knitted by my grandmother. It was warm, soft and so comfortable...

When I arrived in Switzerland, I experienced the cold winter evenings again. But this time without the warm and cozy sweaters that my grandmother knew how to make so well. So I looked for a similar piece, in vain.  

On a trip to Peru, I met a woman who lived on top of the mountain. She was hand-knitting beautiful sweaters that reminded me of my childhood sweaters. I bought one and it became my Proust's madeleine. I have had this sweater for over 11 years and it still keeps me warm on long winter evenings in Switzerland... » 

« That's when, as a matter of course, the ITA-ITO dream began. »


From her Peruvian origins, Claudia has kept a very special memory: the softness of the sweaters knitted by her grandmother.  

By creating Ita-Ito, she wishes to rediscover this delicate sensation and at the same time, to keep alive a craft know-how, an Inca heritage of more than 600 years of existence, which tends to be lost. She has therefore imagined knitwear that combines warmth, softness, elegance and eco responsibility.

Entrepreneur and above all mother, Claudia works in close collaboration with these knitters to emphasize a human dimension dear to her values. Raised in a family of women full of convictions, she has at heart to support the cause of Peruvian women.

In 2020, she created her own foundation, Ita-Ito, which is committed to improving the working and living conditions in her workshop.