Fair trade is an obvious choice for ITA-ITO!

Choosing a responsible production was a real challenge for Ita-Ito who chose Peru and its unique knitting know-how. After several months of hard work in close collaboration with these Peruvian craftsmen to organize the production process, the brand Ita-Ito was born. This unprecedented artisanal process is one of the important values of Ita-Ito to create unique and exceptional pieces.

Today, Ita-Ito has its own knitting workshop and continuously trains its knitters. More than a production method, Ita-Ito tends to accompany these women towards a professional life reconcilable with their family life.

« Thanks to your purchases here, the lives of our knitters are improved on the other side of the world. »

Ita-Ito knitters are mothers with unique handicraft skills that need to be valued. With their hands, they are able to create true works of art.

For Claudia, the founder of Ita-Ito, it was obvious to highlight the know-how of her country of origin.

As a creator but also as a mother, it is important for her to commit herself to these women with whom she collaborates to offer them the possibility to improve their technical means and their working conditions.  

She also wishes to train them in order to develop new skills but also to acquire a greater independence. A way for Claudia to make knitters aware of the value of their work but also to promote it from Switzerland.

« I am very proud to be able to introduce the art and know-how of Peruvian knitters to the world. »