« Alpaca wool is known as the yarn of the Incas. It was the wool my grandmother used for my sweaters. » (Claudia)

Ita-Ito attaches great importance to using only noble, natural and sustainable materials. We use animal and vegetable fibers, which are naturally biodegradable. Hence the obvious choice for this exceptional fiber that is Alpaca.  

At Ita-Ito, Alpaca is a noble material that the brand wishes to sublimate through a rare ancestral know-how. Ita-Ito's unique models are designed to accompany you throughout your life. As Vivienne Westwood said:

« Buy less. Buy better. Make it last. Quality, not quantity! »

Alpaca is considered one of the most luxurious fibers in the world. It is also one of the finest, just like cashmere. It is a soft, silky and very resistant material. It is for example three times stronger and seven times warmer than sheep's wool. In addition, it has a unique thermal insulation capacity thanks to its micro air bubbles.

In concrete terms, Alpaca fiber keeps the body warm in cold weather while letting it breathe in hot weather. Finally, it is free of fat, oil and lanolin. It does not undergo any chemical treatment and has a wide range of natural colors.  

It is hypoallergenic and therefore particularly suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Certifications of our yarns